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Banking and non bank finance

Banking Law

   Banking law is one of the core businesses of Joint-Win Partners.  We have maintained stable business cooperation and communication with a large number of state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks, the corresponding supervision and guidance institutions. Not only do our attorneys have professional legal skills but also familiar with the rules and processes of bank and financial institutions. Thanks to the experienced legal services, we have accumulated extensive contacts, public relations, which can be combined with regulatory policies, guidance from supervision and client’s personal needs. We also enjoy a good reputation among clients.


Practice Area

1. Banking and financial market, including channel business, outsourcing business,

Interbank business, investment banking business, and asset management;

2. Credit asset securitization;

3. Syndicated loan,

4. Disposal of non-performing assets, including litigation and non-litigation.


Trust-related legal services are one of the primary business of Joint-Win Partner. We have maintained cooperation with a large number of trust companies. Our attorneys have expert legal skills in trust and rich practice experience, which enable them to alter clients of legal risks and safeguard the transaction within the boundary of the law.


Practice Areas

1. Establishing stand alone trust plan;

2. Establishing assembled trust plan;

3. Government recording of PE managers of trust company

4. Trust plan dispute, including litigation and non-litigation.