Capital Market

  • Joint-Win Partners has a good reputation and excellent performance in legal services for companies and securities, and has a wide, lasting and stable client base. The NEEQ service and bond issuance service are the core businesses of Joint-Win Partners’ capital market team. We have successfully assisted a number of enterprises to complete the NEEQ listing for small and medium-sized enterprises, assisted listed enterprises in private placement and mergers and acquisitions, and helped a number of enterprises and institutions to issue bonds.

  • Over the years, Joint-Win Partners has accumulated rich professional knowledge and practical experience in the capital market. It’s well versed in the company and securities laws, regulations, and regulatory rules, and familiar with the operation and processes of the company and securities business. It has established good and stable communication and cooperation relationships with relevant departments and intermediaries, thus ensuring the best legal services for customers. Joint-Win Partners lawyer's diligence and conscientiousness have won the respect and recognition of clients.