Meng Tang

  • Education Background

    • Fudan University; Master of Law

      East China University of Political Science and Law; Bachelor of Law

  • Practice Experience

    • Lawyer Tang Meng graduated from East China Institute of Political Science and Law in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in law; and graduated from Fudan University in 2007 with a master’s degree in law.

      Lawyer Tang has worked at Shanghai Customs for 18 years, and became one of the first batch of public lawyers of Shanghai Customs in 2003 and one of the first batch of “customs legal experts” of national customs. He once participated in the top-layer design work of multiple projects and reforms, including the revision of the Customs Law in 2000, the regulation and legislation of the Customs Regulations on Commodity Classification Management in 2007 and the drafting and release of a series of systems for the Customs Head Office as well as Shanghai Customs. In reform of customs supervision in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, he was responsible for the reviewing and release of over 20 relevant announcements and operating procedures.

      Ever since Meng Tang became a social lawyer in 2016, lawyer Tang has handled various types of legal affairs, including international trade disputes, border IP protection, import and export customs clearance and tax disputes, real estate trading, mortgage and lease contract disputes, a variety of economic crime defense and administrative reconsideration and litigation, and offered legal services for a number of foreign enterprises from the US, Japan, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Canada and etc. Meanwhile, proficient in settling financial disputes in factoring, trust, futures and many other fields, he can offer comprehensive legal services in interlocked civil, administrative and criminal cases.

      Besides, lawyer Tang has also written a large number of research articles on subjects related to the reform of customs clearance, import and export IP protection, international transfer pricing and customs valuation, discussion on the nature of smuggling crime, e-commerce laws and cross-border trades, basis of civil and commercial litigation claim, civil code guarantee system and so on, which, along with his undertaking both internal and external training many times, contributed to his successfully becoming a professional lawyer with both theoretical attainment and practical experience.

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