Ziwei Huang

  • Educational Background

    • Xiamen University Finance and Taxation Law  Master`s Degree

      East China University of Political Science and Law  Bachelor of law

  • Practice Experience

    • Lawyer Huang Ziwei has a compound knowledge background and a number of qualifications like the registered tax agent qualification, intellectual property specialist title (by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security), intermediate economist title (by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security), corporate compliance officer (senior) qualification (by China Enterprise Evaluation Association) and booking agent qualification, and is a member of Shanghai Association of Registered Tax Agent.

      Since practicing, Lawyer Huang Ziwei has provided professional legal services for many listed companies, state-owned enterprises and small- and medium-sized enterprises, covering various industries of medical technology, petrochemical industry, architectural design and real estate; his service contents including dispute settlement, public offering, tax consultancy and response to tax collection and control, enterprise compliance, legal advice and other special legal services. He has gained wide and high recognition of his clients for the high quality of the services offered.

      For long Li has been deeply exploring in the field of dispute settlement and sticking to the principle of improving both professional research and client experience. Lawyer Huang Ziwei is competent in dealing with all kinds of litigation and arbitration cases. He has handled dozens of civil, commercial, criminal and administrative dispute cases, among which the civil and commercial cases cover diversified varieties like corporate equity, labor disputes, marriage and family affairs, intellectual property and real estate; and he successfully achieved the result of revoking administrative penalty in the administrative penalty cases he handled, and also satisfying results in most cases.

  • Academic Works

    • Reflection on the Sentencing Standard and Judicial Application of the Provision of “Extremely Huge Amount” Added in Amendments to the Criminal Law (Article 11) - taking “duty embezzlement” and “bribery by non-state personnel” for example, Shanghai Journal of Law Collections 2021 Volume 21 - Criminal Law Research

      Analysis and Reflection on “Stepped Governance” Mode of Pandemic-related Crimes, Official Account of “Shanghai Law Society/Oriental Law

      Research on Judicial Review Standards of Tax Normative Documents - observations based on judicial practices, an excellent master’s degree thesis in Fujian in 2021