Jian Hu

  • Education Background

    • Renmin University of China; Criminal defense training

  • Practice Experience

    • After his employment, lawyer Hu Jian focused on civil and commercial contracts and criminal offences derived from them, at the same time, he had a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience in the field of construction contract disputes and was able to analyze and calmly and steadily deal with complicated cases, striving to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to the greatest extent.

      Since 2012, he has served as the legal adviser of infrastructure construction engineering units such as Wantong Expressway Co., Ltd., a listed company and has attended the shareholders' meeting for many times to witness and issue legal opinions;

      At present, he has served as legal adviser to several listed companies (Wanneng Group, etc.), large and medium-sized state-owned construction engineering enterprises (China Railway Construction East China Branch, etc.), and foreign-funded companies (Langguoテクノ, etc.), and carried out professional legal service cooperation.